Talal Malhas

Gemologist and Diamantaire
Member of the Guild of Diamonds and Precious Stones
Member Emerald Who’s Who

Talal Malhas brings over three decades of experience in the diamond and gemstone industry to Barlant’s clients. This experience is driven by his ongoing love for learning and his passion for beautiful stones.

This passion was ignited after a short career in importing exclusive gift items, where he discovered his love for watches and travelled to Switzerland to study watchmaking. This admiration for precision soon drove him to learn more about diamonds and the technical aspects behind the stones.

He cultivated a successful career as a diamond importer, but it was not until he met Rabab that the vision for Barlant and for local design and manufacturing was born. Talal continues to provide Barlant’s clients with expertise, guidance and premium customer service.

He is always looking to stay ahead of the expanding jewelry market and believes every travel and purchase opportunity is also one of learning. Responsible for selecting every stone at Barlant, his discerning eye and impeccable taste is expressed in every jewel.