Rabab Mango

As Chief designer, Rabab is the heart and soul of Barlant, her artistry and creativity are evident in every one of Barlant’s pieces. She draws inspiration from her surroundings mother nature, and the boundless connections between every element in this universe. She is intimately bound to her designs, or in her own words “her stories,” making each one of her pieces compelling.

Recognizing a deficiency in local fine jewelry production, at a time when the majority of jewelry bought and sold in Jordan was imported from abroad, Rabab believed in the untapped market of local artistry and craftsmanship. As a result, Talal and Rabab set out and succeeded in creating an independent local fine jewelry establishment, from design to production, elevating the jewelry industry in the Kingdom and creating a lasting legacy in the region.

Her love for art was ignited at a young age when she was chosen by her mentor Fakherlinssa zeid to study at her Institute of the Arts. However, she later shifted to a career in journalism, but says that her return to art was easy; finding that she was able to draw many similarities between art and journalism as mediums for expression.

Today Rabab leads a design team at Barlant and produces her unique jewelry pieces under the Rabab Mango label with the support of her partner, diamantaire Talal Malhas.